Trust Arbitration

Bender Brothers & Co. supports the only arbitration and research centre in the world specialising in common law fiduciary disputes.  The body, known as the International Trust Arbitration Organisation or ITAO (, typically coordinates proceedings under the arbitral law of a suitable Commonwealth jurisdiction in spite of being physically situated in Liechtenstein.  The Principality’s legislation allows opposing parties to choose the legal seat of arbitration as well as the applicable rules for dispute resolution. Such flexibility makes it possible to choose an optimal ADR framework whilst enjoying the benefits of a tax neutral European location with strict confidentiality laws and a developed infrastructure.  Being a UN and EEA country with a population of only 39,000, Liechtenstein has political and regulatory institutions that can be far more responsive than most jurisdictions.  ITAO has direct access to the world's leading trust arbitration expertise as its offices are in easy reach of London.