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Succession and Residence Planning

Succession/Residence Planning: Text

Bender Brothers & Co. was established by a single-family office with longstanding experience in investing and structuring dynastic wealth.  The existence of an established infrastructure provides access to a considerable knowledge base and valuable professional relationships in numerous jurisdictions.  In addition to assisting with fiduciary oversight and dispute resolution, Bender Brothers & Co. is in a position to provide guidance on cross-border matters.  Such services would include coordinating legal advice on multi-jurisdictional succession and residence planning in addition to managing bank relationships and overseeing the investment of assets.  The firm follows an independent approach with a long-term perspective.  On account of the international history of its founding family, Bender Brothers & Co. has experience with offshore arrangements of considerable complexity not only in Europe but throughout the Commonwealth.  

Succession/Residence Planning: About Us
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